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I’m Janine. Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs. You have probably stumbled across this blog because you like traveling, running, or you wanted to get a chocolate coma in NYC, any of which makes you awesome! Let’s be friends!

A little bit about me…. I’m currently 31 years old, and like your typical American, I work in a corporate office from 9 to 5. I live in the suburbs of Nowhere New Jersey. That all sounds pretty boring…

I have an undiagnosed severe case of Adult ADHD, which means I am constantly trying new things to keep life interesting. I’ve been on all sorts of adventures, which have taken me to 21 countries so far. You won’t see anything about week long vacations at all inclusive resorts here, my travels are almost exclusively on the borderline crazy side - think glacier climbing, volcano biking, skydiving, anything really. I have a lot of mishaps along the way, which I promise I will always blog about!

The one exception to all this is I like cruises… A lot. They really aren’t just for people to stuff their faces or for retirees… But anyway…

Unfortunately, I only get 2 weeks vacation per year like many of you reading probably do. That’s where running and fitness come in! Working out keeps me sane for the otherwise mundane remaining 50 weeks of the year. 

 I have always worked out in some form since I was in college. I used to only lift weights and do some light cardio, but in 2013 my ADHD kicked in and that got a bit boring, so I decided to train for a 5k. Theme runs were really big during this time, and that year I managed to get covered in colored corn starch, mud, foam, and even a few tomatoes at events. 

A friend convinced me it would be a good idea to run the NYC half in 2014, and that was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I’m hoping someday half marathons will get less difficult, though like many people out there, I have trouble staying consistent.

Recently, I decided to take up Yoga at a local studio. This has become my new obsession, and I take 2 classes a week in hopes of conquering all forms of Yoga inversions. 

Crow. And in the background is my home gym....
I also recently took up indoor rock climbing at the local rock gym. See, I told you I have ADHD. I’ve always had a somewhat freakish ability to do pull-ups even when I haven’t been all that consistent, so I decided to try climbing out and build up the grip strength a bit. I’m also getting sorta obsessed with this… You will find I’m usually obsessed with something or completely uninterested in it; that’s life…

P90X3 is extremely helpful cross training for all these different activities. I’m currently trying to juggle all 4 of these workouts, so I can be a super fit machine…

I fail all the time, sometimes daily. Failing is part of the process, and probably vital to life’s successes. If you’re someone who has never failed, you probably haven’t set your goals high enough. Find something that seems impossible, then start working towards it. It’s all about the journey!

I am far from plant based. I like steak, I’m a chocoholic, and I really really love pizza. I’m human, it’s all about balance, and life is too short to not experience the joy that is pizza every so often… Oh, and of course, wine… There are 39 wineries in NJ and we have hit up 20 something so far as part of a passport contest, so wine is pretty important….

And finally, as you have probably figured out by now from the pictures, this is my husband Brian. I’m usually dragging him along on all the crazy adventures I come up with, and he’s a good sport about it. He is also into fitness, and you can find him leaving me in the dust at every single race we have ever done to date. He is always there to watch me cross the finish line, and my life goal is to someday finish before him… Hey, I can dream right?

We currently don’t have children yet. There are about a billion awesome mother runner blogs out there, so go check those out if you’re looking for that sort of info. If you’re here for some honest accounts of trying to stay fit in this crazy busy world and enjoying life’s adventures in the process, you’re in the right place!

Oh, and I would like to give a shout out to my other partner in crime, Larissa from The Traveling Mortician. If you love travel, go check out her blog. Warning, she is just as crazy as me, and we don’t plan anything together without at least checking if there’s something we can jump out of or off of! 

After La Tomantila Tomato fight... In Virginia

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