Monday, February 22, 2016

Anthem of the seas - the good

Many of you have read and commented on my recent post on the Anthem of the Seas, and I appreciate all the feedback. 

Overall, we all have to realize that everything is subjective and each individuals level of adaptation to a cruise that isn’t going entirely as planned is going to be different. For example, someone that booked the cruise with the intention of participating in all the various bar trivia, enjoying the casino, playing bingo, and shopping my not even have noticed or felt the effects of the missing panels on deck 14. On the other hand, someone that booked this ship in the winter specifically because they had an indoor pool area, puzzle room, flying trapeze class, and North Star might be a little more frustrated. To someone that has been on many RC cruises in the past, the Flowrider, rock wall, etc might be old news by now and therefore wouldn’t affect you.

We personally booked this ship because it seemed like there were so many activities available during the colder sea days. And now, the fun part! I really am a big kid at heart, and I was right in line with them to try all the fun activities. 

Once things opened up again, the amenities did provide a truly unique experience at sea. Here is the highlight video of all the fun things on board!

link in case the below doesn't work on your browser:

The indoor skydiving was a real highlight for us. I’ve been regular skydiving and this was unlike that experience, but fun in an entirely different way. You don’t have to worry about parachutes or anything going wrong really, which allows so many people that otherwise would shy away to give it a try. Even if you are unsure, you are only inside for a minute, and we can do anything for a minute really! 

We had a nice lady video the experience for us outside the air tunnel. To the spectator that loudly pronounced “All the air in the world couldn’t lift me” thank you for the laugh! It’s always awesome to watch video footage later on and hear what people say when they don’t realize the tiny go pro video is recording them!

The Flowrider was way harder than it looked! I have been surfing all of one time in my life, and found it way easier to ride the real life ocean waves than the flow rider. We met a guy that was amazing at it, and I naturally assumed he was a surfer that jumped on. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he had learned all his skills solely from riding RC flow riders over the past 5 years! He said he was horrible at it too at first but just didn’t give up! I love meeting people like this; it really goes to show you anything is possible when you put your mind to it!

Rock Climbing - We are members of the Rock Climbing gym in our area, so I didn’t want to spend too much time here since there were probably people in line that don’t have access to climbing walls at home, so I’d rather them have a turn. I tried one of the “harder routes” and did find it gave me a good pump in my arms! For anyone that has even remotely considered trying the climbing wall, do it! It’s not just for children; it actually provides a great workout both physically getting up the wall and mentally by the need to figure out the most efficient route to get there.

Trapeze - This was really one of the more unique things I have ever done - and this is coming from someone that has traveled all over the world and done multiple adrenaline sports. If you are even remotely curious about it, line up an hour before the scheduled time and get your butt out there! They only allow 60 people per session and there were 2 sessions on our 8 night sailing - meaning only 120 out of 4000+, or 3% of passengers, are given the opportunity. It’s a shame RC can’t find a way to offer this more as so many people were turned away.  

I will warn that it is a bit harder than it looks as some core strength and flexibility is required to hook your legs over the bar. That being said, it is a totally safe and relaxed environment, so don’t let that stop you from giving it a go! The worst that will happen is you will let go of the bar and float safely down onto the inflated mats below.

The North Star was another odd thing at sea that is worth giving a try. My advice is to do it while you are in port so you get good views and aren’t just staring at the ocean. We did it while we were in Nassau and we had amazing aerial views of the Atlantis. If you do try it when you aren’t in a port, give it a go during sunset.

We also enjoyed the bumper cars at sea. If you can, try to do this during one of their evening sessions later in the cruise as many of the kids will be at dinner during this time and we barely waited in line.

Finally - I will give honorable mention to the nightlife. We don’t usually go to the theatre at home but enjoy watching the various shows the cruise ships put on. I especially enjoyed We Will Rock You. Definitely make reservations for this in advance! 

What was your favorite activity onboard?


  1. My parents and 8 year old daughter were also on the Anthem last week. I am thankful for both posts. My family and I completely agree with your views. The first few days were difficult. As a parent of an 8 year old, I was thankful for the accessibility to the Solarium (and I was right next to my child the entire time:). Having been on the Quantuum last year, we knew the ins and outs of the ship and what to wait on line for. Unfortunately, many people were not as lucky and complained about the lack of consistency (in restaurants, activities, etc.) On the Quantuum it seems things were more streamlined and consistent. On the downside, I worry that the ship will slowly feel the effects of the harsh storm. On the last day, the closet door fell on my Dad and no one came to help. My overall critique is that RCL needs to be more proactive when dealing with details, both large and small. This will most likely be our last RCL cruise (we've been on 5).

    1. Sorry to hear that your Dad got hit with the door! I hope he is ok! I think it is going to take them some time to really inspect all the rooms for the "minor" damage as I think they were more concerned with the safety stuff for our cruise. Hopefully the future passengers have a better experience!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, that was one good thing about this cruise; we were treated to beautiful sunsets almost every night. Thanks for stopping by!

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