Sunday, August 30, 2015

On my Break up with World Travel

Heyyy World Travel...

It’s been a great run. We’ve shared some of the most exciting days of my life together, and there’s never been a dull moment. You’ve taken me all over the World on more adventures than I can count, providing memories that will last a lifetime. We’ve walked the great wall of China, climbed glaciers in Iceland, surfed the waves in Hawaii, braved a cold night in Quebec’s ice hotel, skydived over the Gold Coast, sand boarded off Dubai’s sand Dunes, rode a camel to the Great Pyramids of Giza, backpacked through Europe, and have done too many more once in a lifetime experiences to name.

But, like all good things in life, this too must come to an end of sorts. For every amazing experience we encountered, there was one just as frustrating to go with it. It is the culmination of trying unsuccessfully to cancel a month long Eurotrip after my grandmother passed away, visiting Ireland in the fall only to arrive at their first blizzard in 40 years, spending over 24 hours to rebook a flight to a cruise because of an impending snow storm, sitting 4 days in Cairns in a cyclone and missing the Great Barrier reef - only to have the sun come out the day we left, and most recently, missing our trip to Peru thanks to a 13 hour flight delay and sparsely scheduled connecting flights.

When things are good, the experiences we have shared are unparalleled to anything else in life. But, as soon as something goes wrong, you are unforgiving and unremorseful. If I think back to the hours upon hours I have spent on the phone fixing travel mishaps as well as the time spent in airports, train stations, and bus terminals due to delays that have been no fault of my own, I can’t help but feel that we have finally reached a point where the frustration is now greater than the reward.

World Travel, it’s not you, it’s me… I will never regret the time we have spent together, but you see, I only get 2 weeks vacation per year, and I no longer wish to spend it trying to fit month long trips into 1-2 weeks, rushing through countries, in order to still be able to see something in my limited time. If things were different and I wasn’t so tight on time, the setbacks and frustrations will be worth it. But as things are, I can no longer book Brian and I on such tight itineraries that a single delay or weather event will seriously impair or ruin an entire vacation. Life is too unpredictable for that.

Perhaps Goodbye is too strong a word and I should instead be saying “See you Later.” I’m sure we will meet again when circumstances change and I can dedicate the time to you that you deserve. For the first time in years, I have no international trips booked and no intentions of booking one anytime soon. While this makes me sad, I am also feeling a strange sense of relief.

We will now likely do some occasional USA travel, as 2 weeks vacation is plenty of time to see our own beautiful country, something I have been neglecting in my quest to see the rest of the world. But, my time, energy, and focus will now be entirely dedicated to my fitness journey, and with no travel in sight, I won’t have to restart for the umpteenth time after falling of the wagon on a vacation. Let’s turn this into something positive and see what I can do in the fitness World with no distractions. 

World travel, I know you will be fine without me. Someday we will meet again…..


  1. I get this. World travel is awesome. But like everything else, it has a season. Sounds like it's time for a break. Enjoy the change of scenery!

    1. I think this break was a long time coming. I'm excited to put 100% of my focus on fitness!


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