Monday, May 18, 2015

Cairns Hi Zoom Ropes Course

cairns hi zoom

Cairns zoom in Australia isn't your average zip-line, it is also an obstacle course located within Cairns wildlife dome in the city center and tons of fun.

We arrived in Cairns right in the midst of a cyclone happening just off shore. While we were perfectly safe the entire time of our stay, we were greeted with high winds and torrential downpours for our entire time there. Our Great Barrier reef trip got cancelled, so we were looking for an indoor activity to try, and the Cairns Zoom did not disappoint.

There are 2 zoom courses to try: 

The mid zoom - This course is only a few feet off the ground, but right amid the wild life.

The high zoom - This course is much higher up closer to the top of the dome, and has a few full length zip lines in it as well. One of them goes right over a humongous crocodile, so I highly recommend this one. People wishing to do the high zoom must complete the mid zoom first.

Cairns zoom crocodile
We got to zip line over this guy!
There are also 2 other activities available in the dome - the power jump where you jump off a platform about as high as the hi zoom ropes, and the Dome-Climb where you are harnessed outside the dome and get to walk around the top of it.

You pay by the number of activities you would like to do, each activity does not have it's own unique price. Since it was raining the Dome Climb was out for us, and as I had just been skydiving a few days earlier I also opted out of the power jump, leaving me with the zoom activities to try.

cairns hi zoom
The obstacles


Cairns zoom crocodile

The course was very unique and unlike any zip line I had ever done before due to the climbs and obstacles involved in it. The activity is very hard to explain, so check out this gopro video I made while Hi zooming to get a feel for it:

it took us about 50 minutes to do both courses, which included a lot of stopping to take pictures and waiting for the people in front of us to finish obstacles. Afterwards, we walked around the dome a bit to see the wildlife. They also have wild life demonstrations throughout the day so check the schedule and plan accordingly if you are interested in this. 

Have you ever tried a high ropes course? 

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