Saturday, May 23, 2015

Firefly run 5k Race Recap

Firefly run 5k
Free photo from Photo Booth!
So, why did I decide to do the Firefly run? Running at night is usually not my thing. I like to run in the early AM before work, and on the few many occasions I missed my morning run I usually say I will make it up after work but never do. Since I don’t have time to drive somewhere nice to complete my AM runs, I usually end up doing the same loop around my neighborhood every morning, which is getting boring.

Last Friday, I came across the Firefly Run 5k Groupon. $55 for 2 entries to the run in Rahway at 7:30, which is the neighboring town to where Brian and I grew up.  Entry was to include 2 LED wrist bands, a T shirt, and a “mystery gift”, plus the bonus of a change of scenery without having to worry about traffic… It sounded like a no brainer, and it would force me to get in a PM run where I otherwise likely wouldn’t have made the after work effort.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Cairns Hi Zoom Ropes Course

cairns hi zoom

Cairns zoom in Australia isn't your average zip-line, it is also an obstacle course located within Cairns wildlife dome in the city center and tons of fun.

We arrived in Cairns right in the midst of a cyclone happening just off shore. While we were perfectly safe the entire time of our stay, we were greeted with high winds and torrential downpours for our entire time there. Our Great Barrier reef trip got cancelled, so we were looking for an indoor activity to try, and the Cairns Zoom did not disappoint.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spartan Stadium Sprint - 2015 Citi Field race recap

Spartan race citi field stadium sprint 2015

This past Saturday my husband Brian and I finally had a chance to complete a Spartan Sprint at Citi Field! Spartan Races usually take place on muddy terrain, so when I saw the chance to try out many of the same obstacles in an urban (read no mud) setting, I jumped at the opportunity. 

The Spartan stadium sprint distance is about the length of a 5k, and without mud and hills I thought this race would be easy. I couldn't have been more wrong! As I sit here writing this 3 days later, my right leg is still extremely sore, and I had to take an unscheduled rest day yesterday because of it.

We were fortunate enough to have recorded the whole race on a gopro video, and after watching I can see where the 3 miles of mostly stairs combined with my extremely lopsided method of stair climbing/descending caused the issue.