Thursday, April 16, 2015

Skydiving - crossed off the bucket list

skydiving gold coast australia

Skydiving - that elusive item that is on most people's bucket list, but few actually accomplish in their lifetime.

I had wanted to jump out of a perfectly good airplane since the day I turned 18, but I found myself always having some kind of excuse on why it wasn't possible. Mostly it was that I didn't have any willing participants to come with me, but really it was just my fear getting in the way of accomplishing my goal.

Fast forward to Australia, and I had run out of excuses. This entire trip was dedicated to adrenaline activities, as Australia and New Zealand lay claim to being the adrenaline capitals of the world. There was no shortage of beautiful places to jump, and to top it off a friend of mine from high school and her boyfriend were on the trip with us and also wanted to skydive.

The time had finally come to check skydiving off my bucket list.... I booked the three of us a jump time of 10:30 at Gold Coast skydive, where we would land on the beautiful beach along the Gold Coast.

As we drove from Brisbane to Gold Coast Skydive, I felt the nerves building up in my stomach. The moments before arriving to things like this are always the worst for me, as I imagine all the things that could go wrong ( I know, I'm such an optimist) and continuously question my decisions until we walk through the door, which in my mind marks the point of no return.

I had picked this particularly company for the views, but also because this was a no nonsense company that didn't make you wait around all day to jump. Many of the others I had researched had everyone show up for their jumps at the same time in the morning, do the training together, then wait much of the day for your turn to go into the plane to jump.

Gold Coast skydive didn't waste our time with any of that nonsense, the time we arrived was jump time. We went through the safety briefing, then immediately began recording our gopro videos. There was no instruction on how to deploy the parachutes. We were to put 100% of our trust into the instructor that we were strapped to, and after meeting Kristi, my instructor, I was entirely ok with this.

skydiving gold coast australia
Pre Jump
After the safety briefing everything went really fast and before I knew it we were in the plane making our ascent. The instructors relaxed demeanor really helped me to be less nervous than I was on the ride over, even though I was in the plane right next to the open door staring directly at the spot we would be jumping from.

skydiving gold coast australia
Anxiously awaiting the jump
After a bit of joking around from the instructors, we all began to get strapped to them and have the final safety check before jumping. Then the signal came and before I knew it, the first jumper was out of the plane and Kristi had us moving towards the door.

A quick "head back and arms crossed” reminder from her and just like that we exited the plane and were free falling! We did 2 back flips right from the start. ( Kristi had asked in advance if this would be ok and I thought, well sure why not, i'm already doing the craziest thing I have ever done)

Mid Jump 
Once we straightened out, I looked at the ground and for a fleeting moment I thought about the parachute opening, but in that moment I had so much adrenaline pumping through my veins that I didn't even care! Kristi tapped me on the shoulder indicating I can uncross my arms and start doing fun things for the Gopro. I gave the thumbs up, but for some reason I can't quite understand now, I didn't feel comfortable stretching out my arms, as if the wind would blow them away.

Before I knew it, the parachute opened and I felt a slight jolt as we slowed down from a free fall to a leisurely descent. Kristi asked me how I was doing, and my first explanation was "I'm alive" followed by some high pitched squeaky voice I've never heard from myself before about how beautiful the view was. 

skydiving gold coast australia
Parachute is open - i'm alive!!!!
Kristy let me take the reins and steer for a bit. Turning was so much fun! She then pointed to the exact spot we would be landed, and before I knew it the jump was over. I quickly scanned the beach and saw that both my friends had landed safely as well... We had a few last words for the Gopro and then it was time to celebrate! 

skydiving gold coast australia
skydiving gold coast australia
Landing on the beach!
Here’s the video of the action. I know, I look ridiculous in the video, but it’s too funny not to share. Enjoy!

This was seriously one of the best experiences of my life. It certainly blows every adrenaline activity I had done up until this point completely out of the water. 

If this is on your bucket list... DO IT!!!!! no really.... DO IT!!

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  1. WHOA! That is amazing! Congrats...I can't even...

    1. Thanks! It was probably the craziest thing I will ever do, but so worth it!


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