Sunday, April 5, 2015

Australia and New Zealand - 2 weeks in 2.5 minutes

Hello! It’s been a while!  A lot of things have happened since I last blogged. 

The bad news is my fitness has taken a turn for the worse as some minor health issues, some family stuff, followed by an amazing 2 week trip to Australia and New Zealand put working out on the back burner for a bit. But, I’m not giving up, and while I may not be running a half marathon this month (to my major disappointment) I have hit training hard again for the past week and am planning on some great summer races.

The good news is on the travel front, where Australia and New Zealand served as an adrenaline playground and I knocked some major things off my bucket list! 

I have compiled the trip into a 2.5 minute go pro video which includes all activities where a go pro was allowed -  the lone pine koala sanctuary, skydiving at the Gold Coast, the Daintree rainforest, Cairns Zoom ropes course (zip lining), jumping off the Skytower in Auckland, zorbing at OGO, Wai-o-tapu geothermal park, jet boat riding, and luging in Rotorua. 

What you will unfortunately not see in this video is the Great Barrier Reef. We had some really bad luck with our timing and arrived in Cairns to a cyclone, which caused all reef trips to be cancelled the entire time we were there.

I’ll have some more detailed posts about our trip in the coming weeks. In the meantime, enjoy!

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