Thursday, April 16, 2015

Skydiving - crossed off the bucket list

skydiving gold coast australia

Skydiving - that elusive item that is on most people's bucket list, but few actually accomplish in their lifetime.

I had wanted to jump out of a perfectly good airplane since the day I turned 18, but I found myself always having some kind of excuse on why it wasn't possible. Mostly it was that I didn't have any willing participants to come with me, but really it was just my fear getting in the way of accomplishing my goal.

Fast forward to Australia, and I had run out of excuses. This entire trip was dedicated to adrenaline activities, as Australia and New Zealand lay claim to being the adrenaline capitals of the world. There was no shortage of beautiful places to jump, and to top it off a friend of mine from high school and her boyfriend were on the trip with us and also wanted to skydive.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Australia and New Zealand - 2 weeks in 2.5 minutes

Hello! It’s been a while!  A lot of things have happened since I last blogged. 

The bad news is my fitness has taken a turn for the worse as some minor health issues, some family stuff, followed by an amazing 2 week trip to Australia and New Zealand put working out on the back burner for a bit. But, I’m not giving up, and while I may not be running a half marathon this month (to my major disappointment) I have hit training hard again for the past week and am planning on some great summer races.