Saturday, November 1, 2014

Run the Vineyards 5k: Hawk Haven Winery race recap

I love 5ks and I love wine. So, when I found the Run the Vineyards 5k which combined both these things, of course I had to sign up!  Plus, it was in Cape May the same weekend we were doing the New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge, so it was obviously fate!

run the vineyards 5k wine glass
Run the Vineyards 5k race swag - love this tumbler glass!
At $40 per entry, the race fee was a little steep for a 5k. But, this included a custom run the vineyards wine glass and a free glass of wine or wine tasting which would normally run you $10, so with that considered I think the race was a good value.

                  They also gave out these nice long sleeve tech shirts. Score!

run the vineyards 5k tech shirt
Fitted Tech shirt - yes please!

 The run was on an extremely windy Sunday morning at Hawk Haven Winery. We have been lucking out with the weather here in NJ, but of course the morning of the run was one of the coldest of the month. It didn't seem to matter to most of the runners though as there were already 3 wine bars set up right near the finish line to keep us warm after the race!

There were only about 250 runners as that is all the course would currently allow in its inaugural year, making this the smallest 5k I have done so far, and my first trail 5k. We got some instructions from the Emcee about the course and a warning to watch where we were going as there were a lot of roots and uneven surface to run over (we all know where this is going) The course ran around the vineyards through a woodsy area and halfway through was a turnaround where we looped back from where we came from, ending with a nice run right down the middle of the vineyards.

I underestimated how sore I was going to be from climbing the 988 lighthouse steps the night before... I knew that I wasn't going for a PR on my first trail race, but I admit I was much slower that day than I had anticipated I would be. And, if you have followed me at all so far, you know how incredibly clumsy I am.. At around mile 2.5, my entire foot got caught under a root and I face planted on the grass. I quickly jumped back up and luckily there wasn't anyone immediately behind me to see, but I'm sure some folks in the distance had a good laugh. On the bright side, no injuries this time!

run the vineyards 5k course
Post fall and heading to the finish line!

The one downside to this race is there was no chip timing. We had to hand a perforated part of our bibs at the finish line to have our time recorded. Map my run had the distance I ran as 3.14, and my official finish time was 30:53 - my worst official 5k time to date!

Brian, on the other hand, had a great race and came in at a time of 23:22, which was good enough to win second place in his age group (30-39)!

run the vineyards 5k awards
Wearing the second place AG medal!
We enjoyed the after party which had us tasting some great wines and they even had some pulled pork and chili for only a few $'s if you worked up an appetite during your run.

run the vineyards 5k
Enjoying the after party with the vineyards in the background

 All in all, the run the vineyards 5k is a novelty race - one you run for fun and not a PR in my opinion, but a great time and totally worth it!


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