Monday, November 24, 2014

NYC Dessert Crawl

New York is known for some epic pub crawls, but have you heard of an NYC dessert crawl ? Neither had I, so when Brian and I found ourselves in the West Village on a cold Saturday afternoon with a few hours to kill, I decided to invent our own. The West Village is much quieter section of New York than Times Square, and the streets are lined with tiny cafes, bakeries, and restaurants.  

A quick google search revealed some famous desserts as well as a few lesser known  small cafes whose main focus was dessert. In no time, I had mapped out some select locations and the dessert crawl NYC was officially born!

NYC Dessert Crawl Map
NYC Dessert Crawl route - locations explained below

Stop A:  Dominique Ansel Bakery - 189 Spring Street

Our first stop was to the Dominque Ansel bakery, made famous by the Cronut but has since invented something even greater - the milk and cookie shot. These go for sale at 3pm daily and are limited to about 200 shots per day. As luck would have it, Brian and I arrived to the bakery around 3:15, and by then the line was down to only a handful of people, and they still had the shots! We bought a shot each for a grand total of $8.41, then grabbed a seat inside the bakery to fully enjoy the experience. 

Dominique Ansel toy bread loaf
Brian got to hold the line counter bread

Dominique Ansel Milk and cookie shot
Milk and cookie shot

Dominique Ansel Milk and cookie shot
Clearly not the same size - but both filling!
As we clinked cookies and said “cheers” a lady walked by and told us “these shots will change your life.” I now had very high expectations for this dessert, and it didn’t disappoint! We drank the milk first as we would a regular shot, then bit into the cookie, which was lined with additional warm chocolate on the inside, and surprisingly very filling. It is like no other dessert I have had before, and I highly recommend giving it a try.

Dominique Ansel Milk and cookie shot

Dominique Ansel Milk and cookie shot
Chocolate lining inside the cookie, yum!
Stop B:   AYZA Wine and Chocolate bar 1 7th Avenue South
Stop C:  Sweet Revenge 62 Carmine Street 

Next it was time to combine dessert with some wine, and we had a choice between two places located right by each other: Sweet Revenge - a cafe that compares wine and beer with cupcakes, or Ayza Wine and Chocolate bar, which serves wine, chocolate martinis, and some chocolate desserts. We decided to go with Sweet Revenge on a recommendation of a friend, but if you have the time and can stomach the sweetness, go for both!

Sweet Revenge was a tiny place with a very relaxed atmosphere. The waitress explained the menu to us ( only 6 flavors of cupcakes are available each day) , and the cupcake you pick from the menu has both a suggested wine to order with it or a beer. Brian and I split the Carnivale cupcake and the recommended Petalo Moscato Spumante , since we didn’t want to be too full for our next stop. The cupcake had spiced apples inside which was a nice touch, and the paired champagne was a good choice. 

Sweet Revenge wine and cupcake pairing menu
Sweet Revenge wine and cupcake menu

Sweet Revenge wine and cupcake pairing
Our Selection
Stop D: Max Brenner  841 Broadway Street
Now completely full but determined to make one more stop, we made our way to Max Brenner. I recommend trying to call ahead from your wine stop before heading to this place, as by the time we walked there it was mobbed with a 45 minute wait for a table. There is also an express to go order line, so we decided to go that route since we were tight on time. 

They had seasonal hot chocolates, so I excited ordered a gingerbread infused hot chocolate while Brian ordered a slice of chocolate pizza. Both were delicious, the only downside being we had to eat on the go since there was nowhere to sit! 

Max Brenner NYC
Max Brenner NYC
Max Brenner NYC Dessert Pizza
Chocolate Marshmallow dessert pizza slice
Stop E: Chikalicious Dessert Club 204 E 10th Street

We were both in a sugar coma at this point, so we called it quits to go get ready for our friends birthday dinner; but if you are so inclined there is one more stop that can be made on this dessert crawl.

Just a little ways from Max Brenners is a place called Chikalicious Dessert Club. They offer a prix fixe menu for $16 with dessert choices. For an extra $8, they will also pair wine with your dessert. 

I would love to hear from anyone that attempts to recreate this epic NYC Dessert Crawl,  especially if your a champ and make it all the way to the last stop! Good luck on your sugar travels!


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