Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 1 fitness update: The rise and literal fall of my fitness

Last week I wrote about my intentions to be more consistent with my running and my start of P90x3.

 I got off to a rocky start when early morning conference calls and work deadlines had me missing 2 days of my P90x3 workouts. I had only gone on 2 runs by Thursday of the week, so the only thing I kept up with was the P90x3 diet of 1500 calories a day.

Now, this diet assumes that I am only doing P90x for a workout, and doesn’t take into account running. I thought that 1500 calories would still be ok (I admit I just estimated and didn’t literally count every single calorie,) but I found myself starving all week and had a hard time making the adjustment. Thursday morning I set out on my run and just felt sick and had no energy, barely making it through 3.1 miles.

One of my worst runs ever

I upped my portion sizes a bit and by Friday morning I was feeling much better so was hoping it would be the first morning I would get to do both my run and P90x3. I began my route that I had run hundreds of times before... Pandora threw out a crappy song and in the second I looked at my armband to change it, I tripped on the uneven sidewalk and fell, scraping up my hand and knee in the process. 

I am one of the clumsiest people I know, but even I had never face planted on a run before! I had only run .25 mile and now have to walk the distance back super embarrassed and all cut up. 

I gave some thought to giving up on fitness for about a second, then decided to toughen up. So, I bandaged myself up and then went and completed my P90X3 workout, feeling surprisingly good considering. That night was our cheat meal and I had 2 slices of buffalo chicken pizza (my weakness!) The next morning, I felt great and even with a busted knee managed to run a better 5k time than I had run in months. 

In full disclosure, I also deviated from the diet on Saturday, and then Sunday morning I ran my fastest 5k time in almost a year. It seems 1 of 2 things is happening. Either my body needs to adjust to my own interpretation of the P90x3 diet and the calories, or I just need to eat more period to sustain my activity level.

Saturday & Sunday's runs - the stats speak for themselves!
Yesterday I kept with the higher calorie content (mostly just because we didn’t get a change to go food shopping yet) and we tried indoor bouldering for the second time ever last night. If you want to feel weak, give this a try! Since we have no technique yet, we struggle to get up even some of the easy routes! 

I apologize for the extremely poor technique. I'm working on it!
The goal is to not miss a day of P90x this week, and try to get in at least 4 runs... Check back for the next update!

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