Thursday, September 11, 2014

State of my fitness

For the past couple of month’s, I’ve been having trouble keeping consistent with my workouts. I had no real plan, ran 3.1 miles a few mornings a week when I felt like it, and barely did strength training. 

I noticed my running endurance completely tank. Last year at this time I was at my all time best, PR’ing at the Jets back to football 5k with a time of 26:08. I then went on to run the NYC half in March with decent endurance. Now, I struggle to get 3.1 miles done in 30 minutes...

jets back to football 5k
Jet's back to football 5k, right after we both PR'ed.  The glory days!

So, I’m writing this to be transparent and hold myself accountable. I was doing P90x last year when I was in great shape, so I bought the new P90x3 and started that a week ago.

Here are my day 0 stats:

Resting heart rate: 66
Pull-ups: 5.5
Vertical Leap: 10.5 inches
Pushups: 25
Toe touch/Flexibility: 5 inches over toes
Wall squat: 1:28
Bicep curls: 11 reps 12.5lbs
Ins and outs: 41

Weight: 107.... a lot for this 5’0 girl! I’ve been on a diet consisting of lean meats, fresh fruit and veggies only for the past 5 days and am happy to report my weigh in on day 5 was already down to 103lbs. Progress!

Now for my running, I still have no real plan. I have discovered that if I don’t get my workouts done in the morning, they either don’t happen or I just don’t perform well after work. So I’m trying to do both P90x3 and my run pre-work starting today, and hopefully I can get used to that. 

The general plan will be to run 3.1 miles 4 days a week, long run of 5 + miles on saturday mornings, and slowly build up to 30 miles a week over time.

Brian and I are also trying to add more active activities to our lives again now that summer is pretty much over. Last year at this time we were running 5ks and obstacle races almost every weekend. This fall we have nothing scheduled! We have gotten back to biking and plan to take up indoor climbing at the local rock gym. We are searching for that perfect NJ 5k in October where we can both make a comeback and PR! 

So, join me on my new workout plan and follow along as I make weekly updates!

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