Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 1 fitness update: The rise and literal fall of my fitness

Last week I wrote about my intentions to be more consistent with my running and my start of P90x3.

 I got off to a rocky start when early morning conference calls and work deadlines had me missing 2 days of my P90x3 workouts. I had only gone on 2 runs by Thursday of the week, so the only thing I kept up with was the P90x3 diet of 1500 calories a day.

Now, this diet assumes that I am only doing P90x for a workout, and doesn’t take into account running. I thought that 1500 calories would still be ok (I admit I just estimated and didn’t literally count every single calorie,) but I found myself starving all week and had a hard time making the adjustment. Thursday morning I set out on my run and just felt sick and had no energy, barely making it through 3.1 miles.

One of my worst runs ever

Thursday, September 11, 2014

State of my fitness

For the past couple of month’s, I’ve been having trouble keeping consistent with my workouts. I had no real plan, ran 3.1 miles a few mornings a week when I felt like it, and barely did strength training. 

I noticed my running endurance completely tank. Last year at this time I was at my all time best, PR’ing at the Jets back to football 5k with a time of 26:08. I then went on to run the NYC half in March with decent endurance. Now, I struggle to get 3.1 miles done in 30 minutes...

jets back to football 5k
Jet's back to football 5k, right after we both PR'ed.  The glory days!