Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ireland in a blizzard - Part 2

The snow and ice started to get a little old by day 4. We headed to the Ring of Kerry, which had no snow in the forecast. This day turned out to be one of the nicest of the trip, and although it was windy, we got some amazing pictures. We were warned that there was ice all along the windy hills and that it was dangerous, but we decided to drive it anyway, knowing that we were at our own pace and could turn back at any time if we felt unsafe. We barely saw a single other car or tour bus out on the road the entire time. I imagined how crowded it must be during high season, and for the first time on the trip we were happy to be there in the off season. We stopped at another pub for lunch and then made it around the rest of the ring, getting back to Adare after nightfall.

Here are some pictures from the nearly deserted Ring of Kerry:

ring of kerry ireland

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Battlefrog Tristate 5k race recap

Battlefrog is the newest mud run on the block, with both 5k and 15k distances filled with some challenging obstacles designed by Navy Seals. I learned about this race via Groupon, and at $27 for the 5k entry (plus the mandatory insurance charge), signing up was a no brainer. 

We got to the starting line just as the 10 wave took off and immediately got to the back of the pack as we tried and failed to get the Gopro to work. (Luckily, event photos are free, so we at least got some pictures!) Now we had some catching up to do. We easily cleared the first two obstacles, which were 2 five foot walls and then walls to go over, under, a through a window. We climbed through a rat tunnel, and next was a series of muddy hills to run over. 

battlefrog rat tunnel
Rat tunnel

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ireland in a Blizzard - part 1

Since we had just visited my motherland (Italy), we thought it only appropriate that our next trip should be Brian's motherland (Ireland.) We scored a great travelzoo deal that included a weeks stay in a 5 star villa in Limerick at the famous Adare Manor, rental car, and roundtrip airfare from JFK for only $750! The only catch was that it left at the end of November, but both my research and some Irish friends assured us the weather in Ireland is mild year round and we should have no issues...

The week of our trip, a deep freeze descended upon all of Europe. It hit Ireland particularly hard, forecasting the first major snowstorm they have seen in 40 years! Dublin was hit the hardest and was in a state of emergency, practically shut down. Luckily, our flight was landing in Shannon, and it went off without a hitch. We arrived to Adare also without issue, but did notice the area seemed rather deserted. The Irish must have been avoiding the cold!

Adare Manor Ireland
We arrived to Adare Manor in our ski jackets...