Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Zombie Mud Run race recap

It's about time I write a race recap about our last obstacle race of 2013, the Zombie Mud Run in East Windsor NJ.  We had purchased a deal on Amazon local and paid $42 to be both a zombie and a runner after our zombie shift, which I was pretty excited about. We originally had a group of 6 people to do the event, all 6 of us being zombies and then 3 of us going on to run the race after. We bought some fake blood and zombie like makeup on clearance the day after Halloween for the zombie portion and were prepared to go all out. However, the day of event, 2 of the zombies couldn't attend, and with the weather being way colder than it should have, we scrapped the idea of fully zombifying ourselves and instead opted to dress as warmly as possible. It turns out we didn't need our own makeup a they had a transformation shed onsite where makeup artists zombified you for free!

Zombie mud run east windsor NJ
Sadly the only photo we have, don't we look scary??

The race actually takes place in the field of terror, which is a massive haunted corn field during Halloween time, and was now the perfect place to be chased by Zombies. We were given a belt with 3 red flags on it for the race portion, and then hopped into the back of a pick up truck to be driven to an area for our zombie shift. We ended up being towards the end of the course and were instructed to scare people but not try super hard to take away their flag if they only had one left. It was actually way harder to grab flags than you would think. Many times, people would slap your hand away or push you out of the way, forgetting that this is all for fun...

After a while, my focus turned from trying to grab flags to just trying to scare the crap out of people, and with us being stationed in a black tunnel and me wearing all black, this really worked out! An hour later, our zombie shift was over and it was time to strap on our flag belt (or our guts, whichever way you want to look at it) and run the race.

The race was untimed, with the goal being not to lose all your flags. The first obstacle we arrived at was a huge haystack, which we cleared with no issues. Then, after a little more running through a corn maze, we arrived at a big mud/barbed wire crawl. The 3 of us started to crawl though this and it was freezing cold, so a quarter of the way through, i just got out and started running again (cheating I know! but I was really starting to think I had frost bite!) A little ways past the mud, we came to the main draw of this event, the first set of zombies! Some of these guys were really hard to get around, and I already lost my first flag.

We then came to a tall wooden structure we had climb over, which was the only other really challenging obstacle of the day besides the zombies. After clearing this, we picked up the pace as another bunch of zombies were ahead, and of course I lost my second flag. Now with only one remaining flag, I moved it from the side of the belt to the front, hoping that would keep it safer. Then, we approached my absolute worst nightmare... A water slide! Now, on a regular hot day I would have been excited to see this steep slide into a large pool of water, but in my Under Armor cold gear attire in 30 degrees and possibly frostbitten, I was dreading this obstacle! The worst part was it appeared there was no way around it!

So, we all bit the bullet and slid into the water below. It was so cold outside that the water actually felt warm! Half in shock, we all climbed out and continued to run, now soaking wet. After about a minute, I started to freeze again, and we picked up the pace. We went through some of the haunted obstacles like a barn and a school bus, and managed to avoid the zombies. Just when I thought I was in the clear and would finish with one flag, we crossed a wooden bridge and a little zombie kid popped out from out of nowhere, snatched my last flag, and disappeared again!

The final finish was a crawl through another pool of mud, which we weren't excited about! Brian and our friend each had 1 flag left so they got "survivor" medals, while I got the "infected" medal since I lost all my flags. We then had to hose off the mud with cold hose water, and at that moment I thought I was the coldest I would be in my life (we hadn't done the NYC half yet at this time!)

zombie mud run finisher medals
Awesome finisher medals
We got our free beer, but I couldn't even finish it due to shaking from the cold. I just wanted to go change in the car and head back, so we left the festival. 

The cold was really a major deterrent to what was otherwise a fun event. The race organizers listened to feedback about the event being held too late in the year, and this year they are holding it on May 17th. Overall, I think this was a good time and worth doing, but other than the zombies chasing you, the obstacles are not difficult, so great for beginners. I recently saw a groupon for this, so if running from zombies sounds like fun, go buy the groupon and check it out!

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