Friday, March 14, 2014

A Colorful Run - Color-me-rad 5k

By Janine
After we did our first mud run in July, we were hooked on obstacle/theme races. The very next week, the Color Me Rad 5k was taking place at the Metlife stadium, so we signed up. This is a 5k where volunteers throw colored cornstarch at you as you run through the course.
Our wave time was early Sunday morning, at 9am. We arrived at the stadium wearing all white, our color me rad sunglasses given to us at packet pickup, and I wore color me rad socks I had purchased. They also gave out “Rad” tattoos, which I put on my bicep and later regretted because I had to scrub the skin off my arm in the shower after the event to get it off. (So if you do this race, think twice about the tattoo!)We had someone take our before pics and then walked to the starting line to find a mass crowd already lined up. 
Color Me Rad 5k before pic
Looking squeaky clean before the run
After asking a few people what their start time was, we realized that there was no enforcement of your registered start time and you could get in line any time you wanted to start. This was slightly irritating because had we known, we would have got in line earlier, but the line moved pretty fast and before we knew it we were running.
They had a DJ playing music that could be heard throughout the course, so we didn’t need our own headphones. There are color stations at every kilometer, and the volunteers were tossing the powder on people as they passed by. I always made sure to slow down or even stop for a few seconds at the stations to try and get as much color on me as possible. Sadly, most of the powder did not stick. At the next kilometer, the color was being shot out of some sort of color hose gun. They mixed it with water and it stuck well, but only made a few small lines in our shirts.
We then came up to a water station, where it occurred to us that wetting our clothes would help the cornstarch stick better. From there we were covered in green, blue, and purple. At the finish line, they handed us each our own packet of corn starch to throw. We used it on each other to complete our look for our after pics. We were covered in color from head to toe, and it even got in my teeth…
Color me rad after pic
Amid the colorful crowd with pink teeth
The after party was full of energy and had water, granola bars, and tons of free samples. They had a picture area with different colored backdrops to get your photo in case the photographers on the course missed you. We did a jumping pic, and I later purchased it on the website for only $5.
color me rad jumping pic
Rad Jumping Pic

Color me rad pic
Notice my bicep tattoo...
The Color Me Rad is what I would describe as a 5k for beginners. While we were beginner’s ourselves, we had a few months of running a 5k distance under our belts and at this point we knew we would easily complete the distance running. It seemed most of the people that signed up had planned to walk most or all of the distance, and we spent a lot of time trying to run around large groups of walkers. If you are just starting to get back into shape, sign up for this event! It is untimed so there is no pressure to make a personal best or to even run the whole time. And, most importantly, it was a lot of fun. People came in all sorts of costumes and tutus, and were all ages, shapes and sizes. There were even a few kids at the event, and it was stroller friendly. So, get off that couch and get running!

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