Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rugged Maniac 2016 NJ - A Mud Run Done Right

Rugged Maniac NJ 2016

On July 10th I participated in the tri-state Rugged Maniac, which is now the 9th obstacle race I've done. You can check out the full list of events of this kind I've done on the Race Recaps page of the blog, but it includes everything from mud runs to inflatable obstacles to urban events.

I wrote a typical race recap post the day after the event, but instead I want to take some time to tell you all why I think you should try a mud run (or obstacle race, whichever term you prefer), and why Rugged Maniac should probably be the one to try.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Warrior Dash 2016 Race Recap - Warwick NY

 Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted! I’ve been concentrating on working out more and plugging into social media less as some of my new work responsibilities have eaten into blogging time, but I think i’m back now!

Warrior Dash is a race that hadn’t been on my radar in the past. It was either the date or the location in North Jersey that made it a bit inconvenient to attend when so many obstacle races in NJ are located in raceway park so close to home. However, my brother and his girlfriend, both being new to mud runs, wanted to give this a try as their first race, so of course Brian and I signed up with them!They also recruited 2 friends, and on race day a team of 6 rolled into Warwick NY for the event.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Anthem of the Seas - Ports of Call

Hello again! Welcome to my final post about our cruise vacation on the Anthem of the seas. Since I discussed the ship excessively in the first two posts, I wanted to take some time to talk about the ports of call.

Originally we weren’t too excited about the ports as we have been to Florida a number of times and the Bahamas wasn’t on our list of “must see” locations. However, we ended up having a great time off the ship!

Here’s some video we took of the port highlights, including some fun we had on the waterslides.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Anthem of the seas - the good

Many of you have read and commented on my recent post on the Anthem of the Seas, and I appreciate all the feedback. 

Overall, we all have to realize that everything is subjective and each individuals level of adaptation to a cruise that isn’t going entirely as planned is going to be different. For example, someone that booked the cruise with the intention of participating in all the various bar trivia, enjoying the casino, playing bingo, and shopping my not even have noticed or felt the effects of the missing panels on deck 14. On the other hand, someone that booked this ship in the winter specifically because they had an indoor pool area, puzzle room, flying trapeze class, and North Star might be a little more frustrated. To someone that has been on many RC cruises in the past, the Flowrider, rock wall, etc might be old news by now and therefore wouldn’t affect you.

We personally booked this ship because it seemed like there were so many activities available during the colder sea days. And now, the fun part! I really am a big kid at heart, and I was right in line with them to try all the fun activities. 

Once things opened up again, the amenities did provide a truly unique experience at sea. Here is the highlight video of all the fun things on board!

link in case the below doesn't work on your browser:

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Anthem of the Seas - The forgotten Cruise

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard about the terrible storm the Anthem of the seas drove through the week of the February 7th sailing. The story was a headline on mainstream media the entire week as the cruise limped back to the Bayonne NJ port, the coast guard waiting to inspect the ship. I’m not here to tell you about that storm. I’m here to tell you about the forgotten passengers, those of us on the very next sailing that left February 13th. 

In the week leading up to departure, we were all unsure that our sailing was even on. We received no e-mail, phone call, etc from Royal Caribbean acknowledging the incident. Any information we learned of our upcoming cruise came from the news, or even the cruise critic message boards. The morning of departure, we were extremely relieved to board the ship, assuming that Royal Caribbean had time to get everything in order for our sailing. My husband Brian and I went to our stateroom, and were even more relieved to see it was clean, no signs at all that there had been anything wrong the week prior.